Designs for Vehicle Graphics and Vehicle Wraps

Great designs for vehicle signs and vehicle wraps

When it comes to vehicle signage, there is lots of choice, these include:

  1. Vinyl decals,

    vehicle graphicw
    Vinyl decals for your vehicle
  2. ½ vehicle wraps,

    vehicle wrap
    Half vehicle wrap
  3.  Full vehicle wraps,

    Full vehicle wrap, back and front, including one way vision on rear window
    Side of the vehicle with a full wrap
  4.  One way vision and

    One way vision is great for vans, commercial vehicle and sedans alike
  5.  Magnetic signs.

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl self adhesive lettering or logos that adhere directly to your cars surface

½ Vehicle wraps

A portion of the vehicle is covered with self adhesive vinyl (specially manufactured for vehicles) that is digitally printed with your graphic, logo, design and other information.

Full Vehicle wraps

The entire vehicle is covered with self adhesive vinyl (specially manufactured for vehicles) that is digitally printed with your graphic, logo, design and other information.

One way vision

This is a specially manufactured product which consists of a perforated window film that is printed with your logo/design.  You can’t see the image from inside the car, but the image can be clearly seen from outside the vehicle.  You will still continue to have full visibility through the window from inside.  As this product is installed on the outside of the glass, therefore window tinting is not a problem.  This is a great way of making the most of your vehicle for advertising.  This is often used on taxi cabs and buses.  You can also get a reflective one way vision, ensuring that even in the night, you are continuing to advertise your business, or product.  Your vehicle can continue to advertise for you even when you are asleep, or out enjoying yourself.

Facts about one way vision vehicle graphics:

  • Can get reflective one way vision
  • Doesn’t matter if you have tint – installed on the outside.
  • Will last 18mth to 2 years – depends on the angle of the window to the sun, therefore the greater the angle of the window is towards the sun, then the shorter time frame the material will last.
  • Fully Removable

Points regarding any vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps

  • Yellow is the most prominent colour used for this type of signage – this because it is the most highly visible colour as it is used for warning signs.
  • Good colour scheme – yellow and purple, yellow and black,
Black and gold make a great combination on these vehicles - don't they stand out!

  • You can incorporate photos, this can help to get a message across
A picture says a thousand words
  • Minimize words – too many words will make your vehicle too busy, and will distract the reader, therefore you may  not even get your message across.  Less is more!
  • Accentuate important words like your name and what you do?
  • I.e.  Plumber on the back of your vehicle works better than Mr Smith pty ltd.
  • For trades it is quite important to put your locality so you can work locally – eg plumber and drainer – Brisbane Northside
The first thing you see on this vehicle is Plastering, if you were looking for a plasterer then you would read further.
  • Use of reflective vinyl material – like seen in stop signs and road side signs.  Using this type of material will ensure that your vehicle signage is seen even at night, allowing you to advertise your business any time of the day or night.


Our ute in the day time
Our signs are still working for us even at night, buy using reflective lettering

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