Brisbane vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics information

There is more to deciding on having a full wrap/graphics or decals placed on your company vehicles.  Once you have decided on a layout or style that you would like, you need to decide on your budget, and what application you will be using your vehicle for.

Vehicle graphic and vehicle wrap material

  • You should always ensure that your vehicle wrap in Brisbane is produced using one of the 3 major bands – 3M, Avery, and Arlon.  This will ensure that you have a good product.  There are many different brands of materials on the market, but they are not all the same quality.  We only use these brands because they conform effectively to the curves in the car.
  • Laminate – all digitally printed vinyl should be laminated to ensure extra UV protection.  You should get at least 3 years before the ink starts to fade.  Ensure that your sign company does this.
  • If  a good quality vinyl wrap has been used, then they are easier to remove when you choose to sell the vehicle.  This is important for those companies that lease vehicles.

Removal of a vehicle wrap

  • You should be able to remove the wrap with a hairdryer or a heat gun – paint will stay intact.
  • If there is any glue remaining then some mineral turpentine can be used to remove any residue adhesive.

Vehicle wrap price range

  • It depends on how much of the vehicle you want to ‘wrap’.  A whole vehicle is more expensive than a vehicle that has a wrap on 1 or 2 panels.
  • The price range is from $1300 to $5000.

Vehicle decal / cut out vinyl lettering price range

  • $150 – $900

Preparation for vehicle wraps/vehicle graphics

  • When you bring your car to us ensure that it is clean, but not polished.

Maintenance of your vehicle graphics and vehicle decals

  • We only recommend hand washing your car with a light detergent
  • We don’t recommend automatic car washes

Important information

Vehicle wraps are a complicated job for even the most experienced professionals.  For this reason, you should not attempt to install them yourself.  We would also advise that you assess the company you have contracted prior to having them go ahead with the job.  A reputable company would be more than happy to show you a portfolio of their work and be happy to give you contact details for their past clients.  We would always advise this.  You should also ask for a warranty from the sign company, so you can ensure that they will guarantee their work should there be an issue.

With all the right information, you will be sure to have a vehicle that will advertise your business effectively


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