Honour Boards

Honour Board

Sign Age QLD is renowned for making a variety of honour boards to suit your budget and requirements. Our custom-made honour boards of different sizes and colours cater to the needs and applications of various sectors including business organisations, board room, corporate office, schools, sports club and much more.

We use the best quality materials that include metal, acrylic, timber, glass and much more for honour board design.

What Makes Our Honour Board Different

Some of the specialties of our honour board designs that establish us as one of the most reputed and trusted honour board suppliers in Australia are:

Traditional & Modern Honour Board

We custom-made a large variety of traditional and modern honour boards as per your specification, budget, and requirements. If you want traditional style honour boards, they are normally made up of timber with the application of stained gloss or semi-gloss lacquer that gives the natural lustre to a timber board. We either use gold leaf lettering or vinyl gold lettering based on your budget for honour board letter.

We also use glass, acrylic, composite aluminium and much more for manufacturing different types of traditional and contemporary style honour board.

Honour Board Design

We produce honour boards with different types of formal and informal designs. Our honour board design service is based on your needs and specifications.In formal design everything is ordered and on a centre line whereas in informal designs the layout is balanced with the size of objectsrather than on a centre line.

Honour Board Layout

Honour boards represent a story of history and naming. It commemorates those inspiring people who have achieved great honour awards in your field or industry. Our honour board layout designs accommodate all information required. The layout mainly consists of heading, sub-heading and list of dates and names.

  • The main heading incorporates the badge or logo.
  • Sub-headingincorporatesimportant information like year, establishment, achievement, names, awards, etc.
  • List of names and dates.

Honour Board Font Style

We use different types of font style for honour board based on your needs and specifications. For example, we use Times New Roman (normal, bold or italic) font style in traditional style honour boards because this type of font adds more charm to the old world.

Similarly, we use Helvetica and Sans Serif (normal, bold, or italic) for the modern or contemporary honour boards because these font styles are easy to read and at the same time,they give a less cluttered look.

Utilisation Of The Latest Technology

Sign Age QLD offers a broad selection of honour boards in various styles, designs and sizes to best suit your requirements. We utilise the latest technology and skills to maintain and refurbish your honour boards. This help in upholding the legends of your community for years to come. We use our precise workmanship to bring your honour board back to life.

We also provide the service of updating your existing honour board. If you prefer the traditional method of hand letter names, we use 24-carat gold transfer leaf for quality honours board lettering.The gilded gold leaf lettering adds elegance and class to the traditional appearance of your honour board.

We also use computer cut vinyl lettering to create a new or update your existing honour boards.

At Signage Brisbane, we are well-known for our variety of designs for honor boards; we make sure that we stick to your requirements and plan it around your budget. Each of our custom-made honour boards in Brisbane is to satisfy your requirements and their applications in the various sectors that they will be needed.

They come in different colors and sizes and can be placed in sports clubs, schools, corporate offices, board rooms, and business organizations to fulfill your honour board sign needs. We are all about quality. In delivering the best honour boards signs in Brisbane, we use only the best and premium quality materials, ranging from glass, timber, acrylic, and metal. 

The distinguishing difference that sets us apart is our keen attention to detail and our large variety, spanning from traditional to modern. Based on your specifications, budget, and your needs, we are more than ready to design the best honour boards that will not only represent your identity but your naming and your history to show where you are coming from, people that have achieved great honors in your particular field and their contributions. 

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Our expert offers a free consultation that helps you in organising your requirements. Our main objective is to satisfy your need with the best quality design, budget-friendly prices, and exceptional service.

For more information and queries onour honour boards design and services in Australia, feel free to call Sign Age QLD today on(07) 3284 8447, email us on info@signageqld.com.au or alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website.