Internal Signage

Internal Signage for Business and Retail

Internal signage is important for most business – especially retail stores.  Internal signage allow you to maximise your advertising potential by utilising otherwise blank walls.  The internal walls of your premises will allow you to increase your brand awareness to your customers and allow you the opportunity to concentrate on some more focused marketing.

Digital prints are a great way to use otherwise blank space.
Digital prints are a great way to use otherwise blank space.

Illuminated Wall Signs

There are many different styles of signs that our customers use internally.  Neon and illuminated signs are great for nightclubs, restaurants and bars.  Neon signs are also a great piece of artwork, if used in a contemporary fashion.  Illuminated signs installed in bar counters are another great way to maximise your advertising potential, as well as providing some ambient lighting.

Digital Prints, Canvas & Acrylic

Digital prints can also be used to maximum effect on large walls.  The relatively cheap cost of a digital print is also a great idea for those wanting a more frequent change, as they can be put up quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss.  Canvas and acrylic prints are also a great way to use some ‘dead’ space and we can customise your prints to fit any area.  For many business’ your customers spend far more time inside your establishment than outside – so don’t forget your internal signage!