One Way Vision

One way vision is perfect for display windows and vehicles, including taxis, buses and commercial vehicles.

One Way Vision

One way vision is a perforated window film applied to the outside of window glazing. It comes in a white stock and can be printed with your custom design, company logo or personal message.

It is applied to the outside of the glazing to allow the person on the inside to see out. The person on the outside can see the graphics printed onto the one way vision.

One way vision film has a black self adhesive back, and consists of 2mm holes that allow light through.  The holes allow for about 35% light transmission, so can work to increase privacy, and block some light.

The amount of visibility through the graphic on a rear window of a vehcile will depend on the angle of the window. The rear window on a ute or van, that is vertical, will have good viibility. Whereas a hatchback with an angled rear window will have less visibility.

It must be noted that it works when viewed from a place in the light, to an area that is dark. An office front window with one way vision applied works during the day as it is dark on the inside, and light outside. But at night, it works the opposite way, allowing people to see in.

It is not recomended that one way vision is applied as a privacy screen if you intend to use the space behind during the night.

One Way Vision and Laminate

Once the one way vision is digitally printed, it is applied directly to the outside of the glass. It can be applied with a clear overlaminate over the print, or without. Laminate applied will help protect the print from UV light. But, the one way vision that has the overlaminate applied takes two to three weeks after installation to become optically clear.

Without the overlaminate applied, water can pool in the holes. Pooled water will diminish the visibility through the window. The print on the one way vision will not last as long and will fade quicker, without the overlaminate.

One way vision is a very inexpensive way of advertising your business on your car. It can be easily removed within three years of application to your window.

Lifespan of the product is about 18 months to 2 years without the laminate. It should be noted that graphics installed on the back of ute windows or vans will possibly have a longer life as they have less contact with direct sunlight.

View our video show installation of this great product.