Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are a great way to increase your visibility, particularly to passing traffic.  If you want to stand out from your competitors then this type of signage will ensure that you will. 

Custom Roadside Signage

Make the most of your position with a professional, tailor-made pylon sign. At Sign Age Brisbane we manufacture our pylon signs in-house, which enables us to offer affordable, quality products to meet your specific requirements.

Our extensive experience in manufacturing pylon signs for many of the nations most well known companies and franchises has meant that we have become experts in pylon sign production.  We have an extensive knowledge of the relevant council and engineering requirements for this type of sign.  Our knowledge and skill in the production and installation of roadside pylon signage will ensure a hassle free experience.

Repairs & Maintenance

We are aware of the pressures of today’s business owners.  For this reason we offer a pylon sign refurbishment service.  We will make the necessary alterations and return your pylon sign to new condition.

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For more on council requirements and licensing for signage in Brisbane – Brisbane City Council licensable signs