Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Neon signs look flashy, classy and stylish. They pull a person’s attention even on a dark winter night. They have the power to draw customers towards a bar, restaurant, or other such places easily. Also, they can entice shoppers to head towards a boutique or store in a crowded shopping district.

Sign Age QLD has decades of experience in producing beautiful neon signs. With customised neon signage solutions, we ensure your business stands out in the crowd.

We are one of the most experienced producers and installers of neon signs in Brisbane. Our knowledge and expertise on designing neon signages makes us the preferred choice of many. Using the right techniques and high-quality materials, we deliver satisfying results to all our customers.

Customised Solutions

We believe in offering customised signage solutions to businesses that approach us with their neon sign requirements. We aim at designing unique looking signs for each of our clients, so they can garner maximum attention from the onlookers. Also, the designing of the signage depends on the area in which they will be installed, as we want our signages to look completely different from everything that’s in the surrounding. With custom made neon signs, it’s possible for all businesses to advertise themselves loud and clear day and night.

Neon Lighting
Internal neon sign

Why Choose Us?

We know how important it is for your neon signs to look noticeable and attractive. But we also understand the importance of having signs designed in a manner that they offer prolonged use. This is why we make use of only high-quality products in the creation of your signage solutions. Once we create a signage for your business, you can expect it to serve you for long without causing any problems.

If you have something in mind, we can work exactly as per that. If not, our team of experts can guide you on having the perfect neon sign designed for your business. We believe in working closely with you, so we can understand your business better and deliver the final product just as you imagined.

We can create neon signs in different shapes and sizes and colours and fonts with no restrictions. Meaning, no matter what you expect from your signs, it is possible for us to achieve.

Our signages are available at competitive prices, so it’s possible for businesses to have high-quality signs designed in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, we provide fast turnaround times, making it easy for you to have the signs ready to advertise your business in a short span of time.

We offer many signage solutions like illuminated signs, commercial signs, truck signage, safety signage and more. To know in detail about our services browse our website or call us.

Discuss Your Neon Sign Needs With Us Today!

Whether you want to inform your potential customers about your new shop or existing shop or promote your business during an event, you can count on our neon signs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your neon sign options. You can speak to our experts for better understanding of our signage solutions. Call us on (07) 3284 8447 or drop an email at