Vehicle graphics layouts and quotations

Promote your company brand with vehicle signage

Advertising on your vehicle is one of the best ways you can advertise your business.
This post shows how to make vehicle graphics layouts and quotations a straight-forward process.

A Quote Tailored for Your Business

The process of organizing a quotation and a layout for your vehicle is as simple as contacting a sign company for an appointment and talking to them about your business and your needs.  They will want to know what type of vehicle you have, and what type of signage you would prefer.  The sign company will then be able to advise you on what type of vehicle graphics will suit you and your budget.

Layout & Recommendations

Once a price has been confirmed, and the quotation accepted, most companies will be prepared to do a layout for you free of charge.  It should be noted that many sign companies including Sign Age don’t recommend placing vinyl wraps on roofs, or bumper bars and other parts of the cars that face the sun, as the product manufacturers won’t warranty the material.  They may also recommend that you don’t place vinyl wraps in deep grooves on vehicles as you have to stretch the material so much that the colour printed on the material will change.

All layouts are now computer-generated, and this gives a lot of benefits including that you can have a virtual image of what your vehicle will look like with the graphics or wrap in place.

Vehicle wrap image
The electronic proof you will receive from us will have your new graphics superimposed on your vehicle, giving you an exact image of what your completed job will look like.

Required Graphics

We use a number of computer programs to produce our state of the art layouts and to print our vehicle wraps or graphics, these include Flexi Sign and Corel Draw.  If you are working with a graphic designer for your designs most sign companies will be happy to receive files from them in suitable vector files eg, .eps or .pdf.  The reason they will require these files is that the sign company will need to change some placement of the image (so it will go around certain aspects of the vehicle, eg door handles, and windows) and it is not possible in picture files for eg .jpeg and .tiff.  Once the layout is completed a copy should be sent to you for final approval.  This layout will most likely be sent to you electronically as a .pdf document.

Design Changes

If you have any changes it would be best to not only talk to the sign company representative but to highlight them in an email as well so there is a copy for both yourself and the sign company.  Remember though you may need to make small compromises and changes to your design, colours or content placement during the layout process.  It is important that you listen to the advice of the signwriters as they have years of experience on what works for vehicles and for particular businesses.

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By Claire Cox

April 30, 2013

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