Illuminated signs help businesses make a good impression. They serve as a great marketing medium by attracting the attention of the passer-by even on a busy street or road. These signs are more noticeable by people from a distance and are proven to be beneficial for use in stores, shopping centres, reception areas, etc.

At Sign Age, we understand the importance of having illuminated signs for various businesses and this is why we undertake the designing and manufacturing of these signage’s for retail applications. We offer a wide range of options to meet the varying needs of your business. From light boxes to neon signs, we have multiple signage solutions to make your business visible to your customers day and night.

Types of Illuminated Signs We Deal In

Illuminated signs are mainly of two types – with internal illumination and external illumination.

Internal illumination signs feature fluorescent tubes, LED’s and neon. Signs with internal illumination are expensive to build and install. However, once installed, their running cost is cheaper than that of external illumination solutions.

External illuminations signs make use of flood lights or similar types of lights to make your business name shine in the crowd. Though these signs are cheaper, they involve a high running cost.

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    Why Invest In Illuminated Signs?

    Illuminated signs offer businesses the benefit of drawing attention of their customers 24*7. Even if your business is competing for attention in a busy street, an illuminate signage can work wonders. Be it day time or night, these signs are sure to be noticed by all, thus offering your business the benefit of standing out in the crowd.

    Illuminated signs can also make you appear more professional in the eyes of your customers. When they see your brightly lit signage 24*7, they know you aren’t cutting on cost and putting in plenty of efforts to create brand awareness. Also, such signs can reassure your customers that you are in the market for long to make a big sale and aren’t just a fly-by-night organisation.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Sign Age, we understand that our clients require someone who can create outstanding signage for their business within a specified budget. Our expertise and experience in the field make us capable enough to design signage’s for your business just as per your expectations and that too within your budget. When you come to us with your signage requirement, we aim at understanding your needs first and then apply our knowledge to design the same and give you the best possible results.

    With illuminated signs, day and night matters not as your signs are illuminated for all to see and double your visibility. Illuminated Brisbane signs are to help you hold your ground with the competition and attract attention to your business in a competitive environment. It drives your visibility 24/7 and makes customers aware of your presence. 

    We can help you create the best-illuminated signs in Brisbane for you and help you install them as well. Our range of illuminated signs includes under-awning lightboxes, backlit logos, 3D fabricated letters, Neon signs, LED message boards, and LED signs.

    Our professional team of experts is here to help you design the perfect illuminated signage that is perfect for your business and one that will help you get noticed. Pop in or call us for a consultation and pick up a free quote for your signage needs. 

    With the right illuminated signs, you are guaranteed 24/7 visibility, long-lasting materials, less maintenance, environmentally friendly signage, and minimal time investment. 

    We know that signage’s are going to be a part of your business for really long; this is why we make use of only high-quality materials in their making. We choose the material and technique for their making depending on the final finish, colour and look required.



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    Our team can provide advice and assistance, and we offer an obligation free quote. Let us help work with your budget and requirements, enquire today.


    After the fabrication of custom signage, we liaise with you to fix a date for installation. We arrange a final inspection for you once the sign is installed properly.


    Our signage solution features premium quality durable materials that can withstand harsh Brisbane sun and extreme climatic conditions.


    For more information and queries on a comprehensive range of commercial signage in Brisbane and also to get an obligation free quote, feel free to contact us on 07 3284 8447 or fill in the contact form below

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