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The best know sign in the world would probably be the iconic “Las Vegas Sign”.

It is a sign and a design that is emulated everywhere.

Brisbane Retro Signs

In fact, in Brisbane, I can think of two signs that emulate that classic retro style as shown in the traditional “Las Vegas Sign”.  These are the Wotif sign in Milton and the sign/artwork outside GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) at Southbank.   This style of signage stands out amongst the crowd, and exudes a presence that says power and success.  Your sign has achieved its ultimate goal when people use it as a reference point for directions.  This sort of presence will ensure that your signs will not only work for you but will increase your client base.

You know that your sign has made an impact when the local council has installed parking and will shortly be installing a crossing sign as is the case in Las Vegas Nevada!

The Las Vegas Sign

I then decided to research the famous Las Vegas sign, and discovered some surprising facts:

  • Did you know that the sign was commissioned by a signwriter?

Ted Rogich, a World War II vet, moved to Nevada and started a small neon sign company called Western Neon Co. He admired the neon signs of the city, but he noticed that, while there were tons of signs advertising the local casinos, hotels and restaurants, there wasn’t a sign advertising the city itself.


Your memorable sign

If you want your sign to be a talking point or destination point or even one where tourists have their picture taken, then maybe a retro Googie sign is for you.  This sort of advertising is invaluable and will ensure that your business will live on in the memories of people for a long time to come.

By Claire Cox

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April 3, 2013

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I think having a retro sign as your business signage will be an effective form of advertising as more and more business move towards the more modern-looking signage. This makes a retro sign stands out more.

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