Portable Signs and A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs for Brisbane business’

A-Frame signs are the ideal type of sign for portability.  If your business is based in a shopping strip or a small complex (subject to the landlord) then a-frame signs are a great investment for your business.  These type of signs are low cost and are able to be positioned at eye level facing the oncoming traffic, either foot or vehicular. 

A-Frame signs are particularly beneficial for the following businesses:

·         Hairdressers
·         Beauty Salons
·         Coffee Shops & Cafe’s
·         Butchers
·         Bakers
·         Professionals, e.g.:  Accountants, Solicitors, Doctors
·         Pharmacy
·         Schools
·         Any business that has a good street frontage with passing traffic.
·         Business that use a-frames as directional signs to their premises – in hard to locate areas.

When designing your a-frame sign you should be mindful that less is more.  People have to be able to take in all the information on that sign in a very short period of time.  For this reason, your name and your service would be a good start for your design.  You don’t want to add too much wording as people may not be able to read all of your sign as they go past. 

Slide in a-frames are great for those business wanting to change their a-frame graphics and sign regularly.  You can place specials for example on these and slide them in and out as needed, remember the same rules apply to design and wording – less is more. 

If you have regular specials that you might want to write on the a-frame you can either have chalkboard material (for either liquid chalk or conventional blackboard material), magnetic surfaces or dry erase white board.  These type of surfaces offer you the flexibility of changing your message multiple times per day.  The downside of these as opposed to slide in a-frames is that passers-by can rub off your message, or change it with their own chalk or pen.  Document holders or flag holders can be attached to most a-frames if required.

This standard size a-frame sign has a custom made document holder attached. The holder can be easily removed if required.
This standard size a-frame sign has a custom made document holder attached. The holder can be easily removed if required.

The portable nature of a-frames though, is the biggest point in their favour, in my opinion.  With the addition of wheels just about any staff member can put out, pack up or relocate your a-frame.  With an average weight of about 10 kg they do not weigh more than the average pram, so are very easily transported in a private vehicle.  If you are going to be transporting your a-frame then you should ensure that it comes with its own packaging so you can ensure that your a-frame stays in as good condition as possible. 

When looking around for an a-frame sign for your business you should research the following:

·         Cost and what that includes (i.e. graphics, layout, delivery e.t.c.)?
·         Turn around?
·         Are the graphics laminated – to ensure durability?
·         Is there a handle on the a-frame?
·         Is there wheels on the a-frame?
·         Is it the standard size that is allowed by my local council?
·         Does it have a locking hinge to ensure that it doesn’t collapse?
·         What is the a-frame made of, and will it rust
·         Does it have rubber feet?

A recent eye catching a-frame sign we made.
A recent eye catching a-frame sign we made.

Once you have done the necessary research and decided on a sign company to produce you’re a-frame you should develop a layout for your sign with the top 2 or 3 important messages that you would like passers-by to see.

For more information on A-Frame Signs you can view the following pages:

By Claire Cox

August 13, 2013

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