A-Frames and Sandwich Boards

The best way to buy a quality A-Frame or Sandwich Board

A-Frames are a great way of advertising your business. They are extremely cost effective, and add dimension to your advertising, ensuring that your business is seen from both left and right, at street level.

There are some key things to look for when you are making a purchase for an A-Frame.

  1. Ensure that the frame is made from high quality steel.  You can do this my asking the sign company if there is any aluminium in the frame.  Aluminium can bend much easier than steel, it should also be noted that because aluminium doesn’t weld as well as steel, you are more likely to have a bent frame with cracked welds.
  2. Powder coated frame.  A powder coated a-frame will increase the life span of your purchase and will also prevent corrosion and rust – a must in most areas, especially close to the coast.
  3. Rubber feet.  These feet should be at a 45o angle, this will allow the frame to sit square and not rock.
  4. A-frame should sit at 45o when open.  This is achieved by a sliding bracket that is placed on either side.  This bracket ensures that the A-frame is stable, and only operates in 2 positions – opened and closed.
  5. Handle. A-frames need to have a large handle, which will allow you to get your fingers between the handle and the a-frame.  The handle should be made from steel, coated with plastic to ensure that it doesn’t slip while you are carrying it.  This will also ensure that it is corrosion resistant.
  6. Sheet metal faces (your sign).  These must be powder coated on both sides, so it is resistant to corrosion.  The sheet metal faces should be attached to the frame with double sided tape which is in turn attached around the complete perimeter of the frame, as well as 4 pop rivets – on each corner.
  7. Storage bag.  A good quality A-frame will come with a bubble wrap storage bag included.  This bag can be used not only for the sign to be transported to you, but it can be used for longer term storage and subsequent transport.  This will prevent the faces being damaged.  This will ensure that you’re A-Frame has a long life span and moves with your business.

When you have chosen you’re A-Frame manufacturer/sign company, you should make sure that the faces, are supplied separately to sign company, as this will ensure the graphics are far easier to install and the faces will then be installed onto the A-Frame prior to delivery to you.

The standard legal size for A-frames is 600mm x 900mm (face size) with 100mm leg – this is an Australian wide standard.  These are allowed by councils to be placed on the footpath, as long as you allow enough room for people to walk past.

At Signage, we ensure that you have a high quality A-Frame and we follow all the above steps, ensuring that your A-Frame is high quality and will last year and years.

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