Illuminated Sign and Light Box Manufacture

Illuminated Sign and Lightbox Manufacture

Ever wondered how illuminated signs are made?

Signage Qld, manufactures our own illuminated signs for Brisbane and South East Queensland.  Our light boxes and illuminated signs are constructed of a galvanised steel frame which gives the light box a robust skeleton.

The Strength of Steel

The robust steel frame ensures the sign will be easy to install and secure, as there are many places on the sign that you can use to fix it off to your desired surface. It will also ensure the longevity of the sign even in seaside locations.  The frame is welded together, and the welds are painted with cold galvanising paint. Fluorescent tubes are then fitted to the light box.

Sign White Colour Bond

Our skilled tradesmen manufacture all our light boxes and illuminated signs in-house.  We use sign white colour bond for the capping and angle of our light boxes, and fix them off with white pop rivets. This makes for a neater and more professional finish. We make our own angle out of sign white; this ensures that the white colour on the box is uniform. Sign white can be painted, so if you require another colour, it can be re-sprayed.

All our sheet metal is cut and folded on site using a guillotine and sheet metal folder or Pan Brake.  The guillotine ensures straight clean edges to work with, and the folder ensures that we can bend our sheet metal angle to the exact specification.  We carefully measure each dimension for the capping to ensure both a snug fit, and that there is a large enough gap on the front of the capping for the acrylic face to slide in and out easily without damage.

A Completed Illuminated Sign

Illuminated Signs Brisbane
Illuminated Signs and Lightboxes

By Claire Cox

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