Brisbane Illuminated Sign – discussion

When ordering your next illuminated sign you may be confronted with the debate of which face to choose.  Your sign manufacturer may ask if you have a preference for either flex face or acrylic face.

What is the difference between the two?

Flex Face Illuminated Sign

  • No joins, it doesn’t matter how large the face of the illuminated sign is
  • The product is available up to 5m wide and 100m long
  • It is a vinyl impregnated with a scrim base (a mesh which gives the flex face rigidity, and prevent rips and tears)
  • Because this product has ‘give’ it is perfect for hail prone areas, it will even withstand rocks or similar objects being thrown at it
  • It can also be used to put new faces in old light boxes, which can be achieved by using sail track and rope, where the rope is sewn into the side of the face (all the way around), the sail track is then slid on and stretched over the old box.
  • Flex face can be decorated with translucent vinyl or translucent vinyl which has been digitally printed.  Or it can be digitally printed straight onto the flex face itself.
  • The main issues with this product are that the areas that are left with no vinyl or digiclear can brown over years.  To prevent this it is imperative that the whole face is covered with vinyl or a digital print.

Acrylic Face Illuminated Sign

  • Perfect for the smaller illuminated sign, from about 1.8m to 3m in size.
  • Being a hard surface it allows for you to more easily clean the face both inside and outside
  • Because illuminated sign light boxes produce bright light, many spiders and insects will make their home in the box, which can be hard to clean when a flex face, but is much easier with a acrylic face.  This can be done by simply sliding the face out and wiping over with warm soapy water.

When choosing your illuminated sign, explore your options and select the style and type of sign that best suits you and your needs.



September 14, 2011

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