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Types of Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are the ideal way to ensure that you message is displayed both day and night.  There are many different types of illuminated signs these include:

  • External illumination – using flood lights or similar to shine onto your shop front or pylon sign.  This type of lighting is cheaper to install, but will have much higher running costs.
  • Internal illumination – fluorescent tubes, LED’s and neon.  These are more expensive to build and install, but the running costs are substantially cheaper.  Fluorescent tubes are the cheapest to install, but have the highest running costs of the three.  LED’s are the cheapest to run, and the greener option.  They will last approx. 50 000 hours of running time.  LED’s run on 12 volts therefore they can be installed without an electrical licence.  Neon is reasonably cheap to run, but is expensive to install.  It also works on high voltage and is therefore a lot more prone to becoming a fire hazard.
Illuminated sign by day
Illuminated sign by night











What sort of sign should I choose?

This will depend on your budget, where the sign will be erected/displayed, and the shape of the sign.  If you have a square/rectangular sign, fluorescent tubes would be the cheapest option initially.  If you are having plastic fabricated letters that are internally illuminated then LED’s or neon would be the best option, as they can wrap around inside the letter more easily.

Sign maintenance

An illuminated sign is certainly one of the best ways to advertise your business, but like all things it is not without its maintenance.  Therefore it you want to ensure that your sign is working for your business then you should have regular maintenance. For fluorescent tubes we recommend that have 12 to 18mth maintenance, the fluorescent tubes and the starters should be changed.  Neon illuminated signs will last about 5-7 years and after this period will need some parts replaced.  LED signs should last about 10 years before they maintenance.

Therefore when choosing an illuminated sign, consider where you sign will go, what you want your ongoings to be, and what is your budge for initial outlay and maintenance.  If you do this, you will be sure to have a sign that is great advertising for your business and cost effective.

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