Waterfall Signs

Let your sign capture peoples imagination

On our recent trip of Macau we were met with an ingenious use of water as an information sign.  This sign was a marvel to watch were droplets of water were used to produce words and symbols, which stayed intact until they finally landed in the pool below.  Plain waterfalls are always a conversation starter and make for a great meeting point when used in shopping centres.

A recent Google search of this topic showed limited examples of these features, making this feature a unique use of water as a waypoint sign.

The theory behind this sign is similar to that of an inkjet printer with droplets of water being released at the precise time required to form words and symbols.  The top of the structure will contain hundreds of little nozzles where water is pumped to and released from.  A computer generated algorithm would be send to the waterfall from a remote device.

These signs have also recently been used as an art exhibition in the UK. 

Signs like these are great promotional tools because they are so different and rare they capture people’s attention and imagination.  If you are looking for your sign to do this, or be defined as part of the urban landscape then an out of the box sign, such as this is a great idea.

By Claire Cox

July 30, 2013

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