Traditional Signwriting Brisbane

Traditional Signwriting

Signage is one of the few companies left that are able to do traditional signwriting – which is hand-painted signs on any surface.

We have just finished a container which the client wanted to be sign-written and didn’t want stickers.  The client has had issues with stick-on lettering where it has been removed by vandals.  It was therefore very important for him to have this written straight onto the container.

The container will be displayed on the Gateway Arterial roadside Brisbane, have a look when you are next passing.

The signwriting process:

  1. Manufacture a pounce pattern, so the image can be transferred onto the side of the container.
  2. The pounce pattern consists of small holes that are pierced through paper.
  3. Powdered chalk is rubbed over the piercings and your designs are left on the surface you are going to sign write.

    You can see the pounced outline in chalk
  4. Sign write the image with acrylic undercoat.  Depending on the finish colour the undercoat may need to be tinted to a similar colour, so the topcoat will cover it better.

    Painting the letters with undercoat first
  5. Once the undercoat has been finished, the topcoat is then applied.  The topcoat is full gloss enamel – this will take 4-6 hours to dry.  This will give you a high gloss finish, which will last 5-7 years, depending on the colour.
    Commencing applying the topcoat of full gloss enamel
    Finishing touches, notice the use of mall sticks to help with a steady hand.

    The finished product


Watch this video of a traditonal signwriter in action.

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