Sign Refurbishment

Sign refurbishment is a proven way to revitalise your business, increase exposure, and reinsert your name into the minds of passersby.

Big Wheels Sign Refurbishment

Big Wheels workshop at Eagle Farm recently underwent a sign refurbishment. As the below photos show, the signage and workshop was starting to look a little weary. Painted walls and facades had faded, and the signs were dull and lifeless.

In March 2009, the original signage and painting was done. Big Wheels logos were hand painted and lasted well. It was decided, this time, that the signage would be done as cut out aluminium composite material (ACM)
Cut out factory-coloured ACM will last longer than digitally printed graphics and sign written signs. ACM is cheaper for the owner compared to sign written signs. And more vibrant than dgitally printed and painted signs.
On a warm Saturday morning, the building was cleaned down with a high pressure water blaster, and the painting of the building was completed with an airless spray plant later that day.
Once the cut out logos were installed, on the Monday, the workshop looked brand new. No trading time was lost as the majority of the work was completed over a weekend.

Blockbuster Example

Every five to seven years, Blockbuster Video used to refurbish their signs. Profit would always increase after the refurbishment by about 20%. People who had lived in the area for some time, would come in and ask how long Blockbuster had been there, as they had never noticed it!
People are creatures of habit and routine, and unless you offer them something new or different, things are often missed. A new sign, refurbishment of an old sign, or a lick of paint can often be all it takes to boost visibility, and increase sales.

Sign Age have trade qualified sign writes, all the equipment, and the knowledge and skills required to refurbish your signs and increase your business exposure.

cut out logo
before and after sign refurbishment
Cut out logo and sign refurbishment
After sign Refurbishment
painted building
commercial building before sign refurbishment

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