Single Sided Sign or Double Sided Sign

When deciding on a sign for the front of your business or commercial property, one of the first questions we ask, is do you want a double or single sided sign? Often the decision is dependent on the location of the sign, in relation to the proximity to the front of the property. But on occasion the client thinks it would be cheaper to install a single sided sign.

Double sided sign

In most situations the ideal sign would be a double sided sign, as it catches the attention of traffic traveling in both directions. The perceived cost of the double sided sign is perceived as higher. The frame work and posts will cost the same for the single sided sign and a double sided sign. The difference is in the cost of the signage panels and graphics.  There is double the signage for a small extra cost.

The advantage of the double sided sign, is that the amount of possible clients and customers who’s attention will be drawn to the sign, in comparison to the single sided sign, is exponential. The double sided sign is visible for traffic traveling in both directions.  Therefore, the driver doesn’t need to turn their head to view the sign. It is there in their face!  A single sided sign only begins to attract attention when the driver is directly in front of the sign when driver has to deliberately turn their head to see the sign.

Some properties don’t have the space for a double sided sign, as they sit perpendicular to the road, and can intrude into lawn and car parking areas. On this occasion a single sided sign may be the only solution; unless you are willing to spend a little more and install a ‘V-shaped’ sign, which is a triangular shaped double sided sign, with each side installed at an angle to the road front, which increase the visibility from either direction.

single sided school sign
Single sided school sign
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Double sided signs
v-shaped sign
Double sided V-shaped sign
September 8, 2018