Updating your Pylon Sign

Pylon sign refurbishment

Pylon signs have many distinct advantages; they are able to be seen for some distance, ensuing that your business has proper landmark recognition and the visibility you deserve.  Although, for all their positives they are an expensive sign option.  For this reason, you may not want to replace your existing pylon sign, but instead refurbish it.  We recommend that your signs are updated, and refurbished about every 5 years, ensuring that your business image is up to date and fresh.

Benefits of pylon sign refurbishment

  • Cheaper option
  • No new council approval required (as long as you don’t change the engineering structure)
  • Electricity is already connected
  • Footings and landscaping is already done and won’t need to be disturbed.
  • Minimal interference on car parks etc.
  • Shorter time frame for job completion
  • Updated and fresh image – PRICELESS

Process of updating your pylon sign

  1. Obtain quotes from sign companies who are proficient in this area.
  2. Sign company to redesign the sign, to achieve a new fresh look.
  3. The addition of LED moving message panels are a great idea in these type of signs, as you can update your messages as regularly as required.  They are also great attention grabbers.  These can either be monochrome or full colour (live a TV).
  4. Replacement of all fluorescent tubes, starters and other components as required – this will give the illuminated components of the sign a new bright and even glow.
  5. The redesign of the sign will include new faces and other components as deemed necessary in the design process.  This will ensure that your image is fresh and clean.
  6. Repaint the pylons and fixtures as necessary.

Sound investment in your sign is a very responsible method to invest in your businesses continued growth.  An outdated and old sign will ensure that you lose market share to your competitors.  In our experience we have found that a new sign will bring a 5% – 20 % improvement in your business.  Therefore making this a worthwhile investment as you will get an instant improvement in your revenue.  All business’ are judged on their looks, and a business that looks great will have the perception of being a better business.  The old saying, a business without signs is a sign of no business.

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August 8, 2014

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