Making the most of your LED Moving Message Board Sign


LED sign and moving message board

LED moving message board signs have become extremely popular in recent years. They were once a sign format that you only tended to see in big cities, or at major sporting events.  Now they are becoming popular for all types of businesses.  With this increased popularity and it is important that people make the most of their investment in this type of signage.

LED moving messages boards are unique in their ability to have different messages, and images that can be changed at any time by the user.  This though does present some problems.  The ‘art’ of signs and their ability to be useful for your business is not one that should be overlooked, even in the age of digital media.

Whilst being able to place a large amount of information on these moving message boards, you should resist the temptation.  The same rules apply to these signs that apply to all signs.

  1. Too much information is overwhelming
  2. Traffic is often passing and doesn’t have the time to read large amounts of text
  3. Get to the point
  4. Don’t have too many graphics
  5. Limit the amount of flashing text and font changes

Passing traffic has but a few seconds to sight, read and interpret your sign.  You need to be mindful of this when you are programming your moving LED message board.  Too much text will actually have a negative effect on your signs advertising ability.  The old saying “less is more” is very pertinent in this case.

When you are next programming your moving LED message board, take a few seconds to think to yourself:

  1. What do I want to achieve from the advertising?
  2. What sort of traffic are we targeting – vehicular, foot etc.
  3. Does the message make sense
  4. Spelling and grammar – ensure that this is correct

If you follow these simple steps then your LED moving message board will be a great addition to the suite of signage products that your business has.  This type of signage has lots of benefits over conventional signs, but if not used properly can have a negative or cost neutral effect for your business.  The addition of digital technology doesn’t mean that traditional advertising and marketing principles no longer apply.

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