Traditional Window Signs

Traditional window signwriting is an art-form it its own right.  Unfortunately it is an art that many signwriters today have not mastered.  However, Sign Age QLD is fortunate enough to have a master signwriter on staff who is a skilled tradesmen in the art of gilding.  Gilding is the traditional art-form of applying gold leaf to objects or surfaces.  Gold leaf is an extremely thin sheet of gold that is used for gilding.  

Gilding has been around since ancient times, and has been representative of wealth and power.  Gold has often been said to be the colour of the gods and this can be seen in many ancient cultures, where gods were represented with gold statues.  The famous palace of Versailles in France was ornately gilded, and even featured a guilt gate.  

While gold leaf has been replaced in today’s sign industry by other methods, for example gold vinyl and paint, there are still clients wanting traditional gold leaf.  Our specialist craftsmen can provide you with signage reflective of your business.  We have recently completed a loose gold leaf window sign, that  is both classic and sophisticated.


Outline for gold leaf


Traditional Window Gilding
Traditional Window Gilding
Traditional Window Gilding
Completed gold leaf window
Example of gold leaf letter on shop front window

Call us today  about adding some sophistication to your business.  If it is good enough for gods and royalty, why  not your business’ image.


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July 16, 2017