Murals and handpainted signs

Different types of wall murals and hand-painted signs

Traditional murals are those that are hand painted onto a surface, for example a wall  and they can be either external or internal.  With today’s technology there are many ways of producing murals, including digitally printing them on self adhesive vinyl and sticking them to the desired surface.  This though is not always possible, and there are many applications where digital printing and self adhesive vinyl would not be appropriate.  Signage recently did a mural for a school in Brisbane where the only option was to produce a hand painted mural.

The surface that the mural was to go on was a brick wall and it would have been too rough to have used self-adhesive vinyl, therefore painting the mural was the only option.  The mural that we painted was a tree, which was a replica of a real tree in the school grounds.

Tree Mural Process:

  1. Photograph of the tree was taken
  2. A silhouette of the tree was then produced from the photograph using Corel Draw.
  3. We then reproduced this silhouette image of the tree onto the wall.
  4. We then fully painted the tree in white
  5. The background was then cut in around the tree silhouette.  We painted the tree first as the background colour was quite a bit darker than the tree and we would not have ended up with the crisp white tree which we desired.
Tree Mural
Painting the silhouette of the tree
Painting in the white tree silhouette
Cutting in the background around the treeFinished mural
Finished mural

The lifespan of a mural like this (i.e. undercover)  should be about 7-10 years.

Murals are a great way to add a feature to large and small areas alike.  They are always a a good talking point, and often people will remember a place by the mural alone.


July 24, 2012

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