10 things to look for when engaging a signwriter or sign company

1. Reliability – did they turn up on time for your quote, did they get back to you when they said.
2. History – how long have they been in business for?
3. Experience – how experienced are they in the industry and with the type of signs you are purchasing.
4. Qualifications – Are they qualified tradesman in the sign industry. Do they have the appropriate tickets to carry out the work required?
5. Price – is their price reasonable for the work quoted. Are they willing to give you a fixed quote and stand by their price?
6. Guarantee – are they willing to guarantee their work for a specified period of time.
7. What brands of vinyl and substrates are they going to use. Many high quality brands will come with their own product guarantee – ensuring that you will have some recourse if the sign company is no longer trading. A reputable company will inform you of the brands of products they are using.
8. Insurance – Ensure that they have public liability insurance, so that if there is any accidental damage such as paint spills or damage to people or property that there is recourse for you.
9. Previous work – Are they willing to give you names and addresses of those that they have previously worked for.
10. Recommendations – Ask for a list of contact details for customers for recommendations

If you do some research before you contract a signwriter to do you signs, you will have a great sign that will attract customers to your door.

June 20, 2012

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