LED Signs

LED Signs for home and office

LED’s are a great new technology, and their use in signage is moving forward every day.  Not only are they economical to run they are a perfect option for many small signage options where you require them to be lit up.

LED standoffs are a great product to use for these small signage applications, they consist of aluminium standoff with LED lights situated inside the stand-off.  This LED light is then able to shine through the centre of the acrylic/Perspex, lighting up the required areas of the sign.  These signs are easy to install, and are perfect for house name signs, bar signs, office and reception signs.  With a starting cost from about $90.00 they are a cheap but striking alternative to traditional acrylic or metal signs.  Included in this price is the finished sign, the LED’s and a power supply, all you have to do is to plug it in.


The LED standoffs light up the areas in the acrylic that have been engraved. Highlighting the desired text.

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