Developing your Sign Layout

How to develop a good sign layout

The key to any good sign is finding a good signwriter and sign installer, but more importantly than that is the sign layout.  Most of us have an idea of what we want on our sign before we contact any sign company.  It is important though that we be flexible and construct our sign in the way in which our business will benefit the most.

Steps to developing a great sign:

  1. Write down the exact wording that you are looking to place on your sign;
  2. Decide what the best attributes of your business are that you are trying to advertise.   For instance if you are extremely well known then your name might be your best attribute. Conversely if you are not extremely well known or new to the industry or area, then your occupation, industry or type of business might be your best attribute.  E.g.: Colin Barnes, Painter and Decorator No Job too small or too   big.  Mobile number 1234 567 895.  Website
    1. If Colin Barnes is extremely well known then the name ‘Colin Barnes’ is what you should promote.
    2. If he is not then painter and decorator would be a better way of advertising his business
    3. Organising your lettering for your sign
  3. If you are looking to mainly work in a small area then an address is valuable as people often like to use local businesses;
  4. It should be noted that an address can be a drawback if you are looking to work in a larger area.  For instance if you wanted to have a Brisbane wide sign then it would be far better to say we work in the whole metropolitan area or from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast.
  5. You then need to decide if you are looking for all types of work in that industry, or only small jobs or only large jobs.
  6. It is important also to have a phone number and preferably a mobile number and a fixed line number.
    1.  A fixed line number will give people confidence that you have a fixed address and office, and are not a fly by nighter.
    2.  The mobile number will provide immediate access from your client to you.
What is the main lettering on your sign

Once your wording is worked out and your main titles are sorted out then then can go on to developing the look of the sign.

October 22, 2011

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