A-Frame Sign with a difference

A-Frame sign vs Human Billboard

If you want an A-Frame that goes where ever you go – literally then maybe a Human Billboard is for you.

We recently manufactured one of these for one of our customers and thought the idea had a lot of merit, albeit very quirky.

We manufactured this out of composite aluminium with an aluminium snap lock frame that surrounded the composite aluminium.  We then pop riveted a backpack harness to the composite aluminium.  Your selected graphics can then be digitally printed card or paper and inserted into the snap lock frame where it will remain in place.  Using a snap lock frame ensures that the user can change their message as often as possible, in the most cost effective and time efficient way.    The composite aluminium made this human billboard as light as possible whilst maintaining its structure and rigidity.

At Signage Queensland, Signs Brisbane we have the know-how to make your visual advertising needs a reality.

Back of the human Billboard with snap lock frame
Front of the human billboard
Harness of the human billboard 
Snap lock frame














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hi dear i saw ur human billboard on ur website so i liked it but how dose it cost > and could u tell me its features

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