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A-Frames Brisbane

Magnetic a-frame signs are a great way to advertise your business or service.  A-Frames have lots of advantages over other methods of signage, including their portability, ability to be seen at road level and that they are extremely cost effective.  Magnetic a frame signs have another added bonus; due to the fact that the face of the a-frame sign is sheet metal you can easily apply a magnetic sign or magnetic letters to your sign. This will ensure that you can change the message on the board as often as you would like.  You also will only have to pay the initial cost of the a-frame and then the magnetic signs or magnetic letters.  This will ensure that you have a sign that not only meets your changing needs but is a whole signage package for your business that is very kind to your advertising budget.

If you are thinking about signage for your business and have a budget of about $300, and you want to ensure that you can still attract customers through your doors, then an a-frame sign is probably your best option.

Magnetic A-Frame Signs Brisbane are great for business such as hairdressers, beauty salons, snack food bars and coffee shops, as you can change your specials daily or even throughout the day.  Magnetic A-Frame signs also offer a significant advantage over blackboard signs in that they can withstand all weather and passers-by can’t rub off the message.  This will ensure that the passing traffic will be able to see your daily specials clearly in all weather.

April 30, 2012

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